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Brand Identity

Creating a recognizable brand for your organization is probably one of the most important tasks a business owner will undertake, and a big part of that is the logo. A brand, first through its logo, reveals to clients who you are as an organization while building your reputation and establishing trust.

Whether you need to create a logo from scratch, give your existing logo a much-needed facelift, or develop a brand that is specific to a product or service, I can help you accomplish just that! And beyond the logo, in order to complete your branding efforts, I can also assist you with every facet of identity design including color theory, typographic/font culture, corporate messaging, and much more. At the end of this process, you will be able to easily integrate all the different components of your new brand identity into your marketing materials.

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This option is only available to companies who already have a brand and wish to modernize its logo and/or make minor alterations to their brand identity.

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New creation or complete makeover of your branding including thorough market research leading to new positioning, logo, brand guidelines, etc.

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Not sure which option is right for your business? Read my blog for more insight on this topic:


We keep it simple: once you determine whether you want a brand refresh or a redesign, we can get started. If you need help determining which one of these two options you need, I am here to help!


First, we need to talk! I need to find out you like/dislike about your brand and logo, if you want to keep the same colors or try something different, add or improve your slogan, etc. Once I find out more about your business, your style and your needs and wants, the refresh process can start.


Within a few days, I will present you with three (3) new logo options from which you can choose. The selected logo will then undergo a few revisions so we can tweak it to your liking. Once you are satisfied with the final version of the new logo, I will send you all the final files in various formats for you to use in your marketing materials along with some detailed guidelines for proper brand use.


The first step in this process will be to schedule a time for us to talk. I need to find out what you are looking for exactly so I can better serve your needs. You're not sure which direction to take in your branding or rebranding efforts? No worries. I know all the right questions to ask! We'll take it step by step. But this process cannot start without a proper introduction.

My CONTACT INFORMATION is listed below.

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