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From Zero to

Live in5

Join me for this 5-Day Live Masterclass: 

The Ultimate Roadmap to Crafting a Stunning Website, Elevating your Credibility, and Amplifying your Visibility

Discover the blueprint you can use to build an impressive online presence, attract an influx of ideal clients, and establish yourself as a credible figure in the entrepreneurial space—all with a simple, yet stunning website AND without resorting to costly ads, insider networks, or waiting endlessly for tangible results.

LIVE: August 21-25 from 12pm-1pm EST

We start at 12pm EST on August 21 but don't worry if you can't attend live, the recordings will be available!

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Look, I get it.
You're busy.

As an entrepreneur, you're focused on building your business and making a real difference. There's hardly a minute to spare once you're done serving your fantastic clients.


Inevitably, your website has taken a backseat. You know it needs more love, but the task seems so daunting. Maybe you started working on it, but your new website has remained in draft mode for weeks now, perhaps even months.

This masterclass is just what you need to kickstart the website project you've been putting off for far too long.


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What you can expect

Over the course of this 5-day masterclass I'm going to teach you the exact strategies that my most successful clients used to establish themselves as experts and elevate their credibility by leveraging the power of a professionally-designed website!

What You'll Learn

Day 1: Laying the Foundation

  • Unlock the Website Blueprint: Dive deep into a comprehensive roadmap that illuminates every pivotal step of the website creation journey. Grasp the ins and outs so you can navigate with absolute confidence.

  • Master Website Hurdles: I'll pinpoint those frequent hitches and arm you with savvy strategies to breeze through them, ensuring a swift and seamless website design experience. Don't let common obstacles delay your success!

Day 2: Elevating Visual Appeal & Enhancing User Experience

  • Structure Strategically: Delve into the art of planning a cohesive and intuitive web structure. Ensure your visitors enjoy a user-friendly navigation, making it effortless for them to explore and engage with your content.

  • Understand the Importance of Branding: Learn tricks to curate the perfect blend of colors, images, and fonts that align with your brand's essence and create a memorable visual experience that resonates and captivates your audience.

Day 3: Crafting A Resonant Message

  • Clarifying Your Niche Statement : Dive into the heart of your brand and refine your niche statement. By crystalizing your unique value proposition, you'll instantly resonate with your ideal clientele and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

  • Harness the Power of Words: Unpack the essentials of compelling website copy. We'll journey through crafting impactful text and end with designing irresistible call-to-actions that motivate, engage, and convert your visitors.

Day 4: Choosing the Right Tools

  • Embracing Drag-and-Drop Magic: Grasp the ins and outs of user-friendly drag-and-drop builders. Experience firsthand how these intuitive platforms can effortlessly bring your vision to life without the tech overload.

  • Mastering Template Choices: Navigate the sea of templates with precision and purpose. I'll guide you through the selection process with key insights on what to prioritize, pitfalls to avoid, and strategies to streamline your choices.

Day 5: Taking the Next Step with Confidence

  • Understanding the Ultimate Launch Checklist: I'll provide you with a comprehensive checklist to ensure you're armed with the necessary steps to crafting your own website and make sure you're poised for a successful launch.

  • Harnessing Momentum: I'll share strategies to keep your energy high and maintain the drive. I'll give you tips and tricks so you can dive in while the lessons are fresh and the motivation is at its peak.

"If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done."

– Joyce Meyer

This masterclass is for you if...

You Need to Elevate

This masterclass is tailor-made for you if you're seeking to elevate your online presence. Perhaps you're aware that a well-designed website is key to showcasing your expertise, but aren't sure how to build one that accurately represents you and appeals to your ideal clients. In this masterclass, we'll delve into how to create a site that not only looks great but also amplifies your visibility and credibility in your niche.

You Need a Gentle Nudge

This masterclass is ideal for you if you're feeling overwhelmed by the mere thought of creating your own website. Maybe you've tried before and found yourself lost in the labyrinth of web design, and now you're lost your momentum. No worries—I've designed this masterclass to simplify the process, offering you a roadmap to navigate the website creation journey with confidence and ease.

You Need Simple

This masterclass is perfect for you if you crave simplicity in a sea of complex tech jargon. You're not looking to become the next web developer; you just need a website that works for your business, looks professional, and won't require a degree in computer science to maintain. In our masterclass, I'll give you the tricks to create an elegant, user-friendly website, even if you consider yourself non-tech-savvy.

If that's you, that's great news!

You are in the right place!

But don't just take it from me...

Check out what my clients are saying about the strategies I teach

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Danielle Gotha Headshot.jpg

Danielle G.

Stephanie made learning website building a breeze! Her knack for breaking down complex concepts into simple, understandable steps made the process enjoyable and felt totally doable. Thanks to her guidance, I can confidently manage my website long after our collaboration ended.

Pam Tobin Headshot.jpg

Pam T.

Stephanie's guidance was absolutely indispensable in creating my website. Her expert advice, combined with her commitment to keeping me on track, ensured that my project reached completion. She's not just a teacher and a trusted ally, but also a dedicated accountability partner.

Brooke Moll Headshot.jpg

Brooke M.

Stephanie is not just about the technical aspects of building websites – she is also a marketing powerhouse! Learning from her, I not only learned to build a great site but also discovered how simple tips & tricks can make a real impact online. I'm so grateful for everything I learned while working with her.

And now...

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Meet Your Host: 

Stephanie Smout

Stephanie Smout is a marketing strategist turned web designer who empowers entrepreneurs to create websites that wow, without the tech hassle. She is the CEO of Stephanie Smout Marketing Solutions and founder of the Clicks & Tricks Academy™, a digital course that teaches a simple, click-by-click method to launching impactful, DIY websites that don’t look DIY.


By helping solopreneurs and service-based providers establish a compelling online presence, Stephanie bolsters their credibility, turning their websites into potent, profit-generating tools, thus driving their business success to new heights.

Stephanie Smout Headshot.jpg

hey, there!


Enrollment is Now Open

(But not for long. Register before it's too late!)

Live Masterclass:

August 21-25 from 12pm-1pm EST

We start at 12pm on August 21 but don't worry if you can't attend live, the recordings will be available!

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