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From Marketer to Entrepreneur

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Why I left my corporate job to offer marketing solutions to those who need it most

Nearly a decade ago, after receiving a Master’s degree from one of the top ranked management schools in Europe, I joined the corporate world as a marketing intern, quickly earning a spot as marketing director for a public-private partnership. A few years later, open to new challenges, I accepted a new role as marketing manager for a publicly-traded company where my responsibilities were broadened and my knowledge dramatically expanded.

New York Stock Exchange – January 13, 2016

During these first few years of my career, I also worked with small and medium-size companies and nonprofit organizations who needed help with their digital marketing or lack thereof. These opportunities came mostly from family and friends, as well as connections I made through work. I was happy to contribute to their online efforts using my knowledge of emerging marketing trends and it was through these side gigs that I realized that

many business owners:

(1) need immediate marketing help

but don’t have the budget to pay big agency prices or hire a full-time employee who is devoted entirely to marketing. That’s quite understandable. But every business needs marketing help in one shape or another and I realized that I can be the expert they need by acting as a remote employee, an extension of their team, in a position to offer marketing advice they can actually afford.

(2) get lost in translation

when working with freelancers: they are either unable to effectively communicate their business needs to the freelancer, or the freelancer uses marketing jargon or techniques that make no sense to the business owner. I then realized that this is where I can be helpful, using my corporate experience, business acumen, and well-rounded marketing knowledge to build a bridge between what the business needs and the desired result.

(3) are entirely new to the digital world

and are hesitant to take the plunge. Many have been in business for years and have survived without a website, any social media presence, or Google Business Account. However, twenty years ago, even ten years ago, the competitive landscape looked very different. One must adapt to survive! And I realized that it is never too late to get started and the process can be much easier when you have an expert guiding you through each step. I can be that person.

Recognizing the need of business owners for someone who is expertly equipped to help them navigate the rapidly-changing marketing world, I decided to launch my own business.

But I wouldn’t be entirely honest if I said these were the only factors that led me to this sudden career move. After a few years leading marketing efforts for different organizations, I realized that the corporate world could not offer me the flexibility I needed as a new parent, nor could it feed my curiosity at the same level that helping a variety of clients with their marketing efforts would. I felt that my expertise could benefit so many people and have a much bigger impact if I worked directly with business owners and entrepreneurs who needed help launching their online presence or polishing their digital image. And after being on my own for nearly two years now, I must say there is nothing more gratifying than all the praise I have received so far from my clients.

And I look forward to continuing this work for many years to come…

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