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Stephanie Smout, CEO of Stephanie Smout Marketing Solutions

Hey there! I'm Stephanie, here to help you launch a low-tech website that not only makes you beam with pride, but also reels in your dream clients!


Are you ready to show your expertise and make an impact online and in your business?

I empower entrepreneurs by crafting websites that exude professionalism and magnetize the ideal clientele. With my marketing background and vast website experience, I can help you look the part and captivate the right audience, establishing yourself as an expert in your industry.

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Are you finally ready to launch your website?

Every second counts when it comes to making your mark in the digital world. Delaying the launch of your website means missing out on valuable opportunities to connect with your target audience, showcase your unique offerings, and skyrocket your success.


Use this freebie as your ultimate roadmap to launch your website swiftly and confidently!! Say goodbye to delays and propel your online presence forward!

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Stephanie Smout, Marketing Strategist & Website Whiz

About Stephanie

I'm a marketing expert turned website whiz, former corporate ladder climber, now entrepreneur, and CEO of Stephanie Smout Marketing Solutions. I empower business owners to establish a compelling online presence by crafting stunning, low-tech websites, so they can elevate their credibility, amplify their visibility, and take their business success to new heights.

I am also a bestselling author and keynote speaker, the loving wife of a Belgian expat, and proud mom of three, who currently lives in Houston, Texas.

What my clients are saying...


The website looks beautiful! Thanks for doing such a fantastic job! You have made everything very easy to continue with! And you were wonderful to work with, thank you!

Shana H. 

Integrative Dietitian


I now feel confident with this AMAZING website! I am extremely pleased with the result! Your attention to detail is unmatched. I am so grateful for everything!

Natalie H. 

Wellness Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

You did it! Our website is unique and impactful. Your invaluable expertise and guidance were instrumental throughout the entire journey. We couldn't have wished for a more exceptional partner to get our website done. Thank you!

Thomas C. 

Business Development Consultant

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Wow Wow Wow! We are blown away by our website's new look! I can't wait to launch it and share it. We are so pleased with the result. It was a pleasure working with you! You were proactive, professional, and truly understood our needs.

Jessica L. 

Individual Pension Plan Consultant

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1:1 Services


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Now Available

I am one of the proud co-authors of Living All Out, a book that shares the incredible true stories of 20 entrepreneurs elevating their impact, passion, and legacy to break the chains of burnout and step into the freedom of an all-out life.

The book hit bestseller in many categories, including:

️ #1 in “Career Development Counseling”
️ #1 in “Business Mentoring & Coaching”
️ #1 in “Work-Life Balance in Business”
️ #1 in “Business Health & Stress”
️ #1 in “Education & Teaching”
️ #1 in “Vocational Guidance”

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The quality of your website reflects the quality of your business.

What does your website convey about your business?


Work with me and I'll help you transform your website into a compelling, true-to-brand showcase that elevates your business in the eyes of your audience.

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