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Website Magic in a Few Clicks

A 4-week intensive program to help you create a website that wows, without the tech hassle, so you can establish a compelling online presence that will bolster your credibility and turn your website into a potent, profit-generating tool for your business.

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Curated for solopreneurs and service-based providers, the Clicks & Tricks Academy™ is your ticket to a professional-grade website minus the hefty price tag. Say goodbye to tech-overwhelm with click-by-click guidance that feels like a dream tailored just for you.


In just 30 days, immerse yourself in my proprietary P.A.C.E. method. I'll guide you step-by-step, ensuring you launch a website that's not just visually stunning, but also a powerful tool to boost your credibility and dramatically increase your online visibility.


Ready to see your business soar to unparalleled heights?


Registration is Currently Closed

The course will be offered again in August 2024 for those who are ready to jump into action and not let 2024 go by without the standout website that your website deserves. This is a golden opportunity to access a combination of pre-recorded video trainings and live, interactive calls. All sessions come with replay options, allowing you to revisit and progress at a pace that suits you, and all course materials will remain accessible to you for a full 6 months.

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Look, I get it.
You're busy.

As an entrepreneur, you're focused on building your business and making a real difference. There's hardly a minute to spare once you're done serving your fantastic clients.


Inevitably, your website has taken a backseat. You know it needs more love, but the task seems so daunting. Maybe you started working on it, but your new website has remained in draft mode for weeks now, perhaps even months.

This masterclass is just what you need to kickstart the website project you've been putting off for far too long.


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Your Dream, Now Closer Than Ever

Imagine the sheer joy of finally launching that long-pending website. Feel that rush of accomplishment? That weight lifted off your shoulders? That sense of pride every time you share your online address with potential clients? How fantastic would it feel to tick that monumental task off your list, especially knowing it's been sitting there for far too long?

Do Any of These Sound Like You?
Tech Challenged

Navigating the digital realm feels daunting, and you're searching for a guiding hand to ease the tech overwhelm.

Time Constrained

As a bustling entrepreneur, time is a luxury, yet you recognize the urgency to bring your online vision to life.


The intricacies of website creation leave you paralyzed. You crave a step-by-step formula to simplify the maze.


You're more than ready, eager to take swift action and launch that dream website without any more postponements.

If you answered yes, then you are exactly in the right place!

Here's What You Can Expect From the Course

  • ​Deep-Dive Modules: Dive into 4 transformative modules, blending perfectly curated pre-recorded videos with engaging live calls. Every moment is designed to arm you with the tools and tactics you need to unveil a website that leaves everyone in awe.

  • Personalized Guidance with Stephanie: Enjoy weekly live Q&A sessions with Stephanie herself! Navigate the twists and turns of website creation with confidence, as you receive solutions to challenges that might come your way.

  • Essential Web Creation Toolkit: From must-have tools to customized templates, we've packed everything you'll need for a seamless website creation journey.

  • Interactive Live Workshops: This isn't just learning – it's practical application! Join us in co-working sessions where we'll collaboratively breathe life into your website ideas. Got questions mid-build? We're here to help in real-time!

  • Exclusive Bonus Materials: Boost your knowledge bank with special bonus sessions, featuring live interactions with industry maestros. And if life gets in the way? Don't worry – we have replays ready for you.


  • Extended Access: The learning doesn't stop when the course does! Maintain your access to all the stellar materials inside the Clicks & Tricks Academy for an expansive 6 months.​

"If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done."

– Joyce Meyer

This digital course is for you if...

You Need to Elevate

This program is tailor-made for you if you're seeking to elevate your online presence. Perhaps you're aware that a well-designed website is key to showcasing your expertise, but aren't sure how to build one that accurately represents you and appeals to your ideal clients. In this digital course, we'll delve into how to create a site that not only looks great but also amplifies your visibility and credibility in your niche.

You Need a Gentle Nudge

This program is ideal for you if you're feeling overwhelmed by the mere thought of creating your own website. Maybe you've tried before and found yourself lost in the labyrinth of web design, and now you've lost your momentum. No worries—I've designed this digital course to simplify the process, offering you a roadmap to navigate the website creation journey with confidence and ease.

You Need Simple

This program is perfect for you if you crave simplicity in a sea of complex tech jargon. You're not looking to become the next web developer; you just need a website that works for your business, looks professional, and won't require a degree in computer science to maintain. In my online course, I'll give you the tricks to create a professional, user-friendly website, even if you consider yourself tech challenged.

How does that sound?

Are you ready to take action?

But don't just take it from me...

Check out what my clients are saying about the strategies I teach

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Danielle Gotha Headshot.jpg

Danielle G.

Stephanie made learning website building a breeze! Her knack for breaking down complex concepts into simple, understandable steps made the process enjoyable and felt totally doable. Thanks to her guidance, I can confidently manage my website long after our collaboration ended.

Pam Tobin Headshot.jpg

Pam T.

Stephanie's guidance was absolutely indispensable in creating my website. Her expert advice, combined with her commitment to keeping me on track, ensured that my project reached completion. She's not just a teacher and a trusted ally, but also a dedicated accountability partner.

Brooke Moll Headshot.jpg

Brooke M.

Stephanie is not just about the technical aspects of building websites – she is also a marketing powerhouse! Learning from her, I not only learned to build a great site but also discovered how simple tips & tricks can make a real impact online. I'm so grateful for everything I learned while working with her.

And now...

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Meet Your Host: 

Stephanie Smout

Stephanie Smout is a marketing strategist turned web designer who empowers entrepreneurs to create websites that wow, without the tech hassle. She is the CEO of Stephanie Smout Marketing Solutions, a bestselling author, speaker, and founder of the Clicks & Tricks Academy™, a digital course that teaches a simple, click-by-click method to launching impactful, DIY websites that don’t look DIY.


By helping solopreneurs and service-based providers establish a compelling online presence, Stephanie bolsters their credibility, turning their websites into potent, profit-generating tools, thus driving their business success to new heights.

Stephanie Smout Headshot.jpg

hey, there!


Enrollment is Currently Closed

(The course will be available again in February 2024)

Total Value = $6,000

Your Investment:

Pay In Full


Save Nearly 20% When You Pay In Full
  • 6-month access to all course materials

  • Weekly live Q&A sessions with Stephanie

  • Guest expert presentations

  • Live co-working sessions

  • Access to a private community of like-minded entrepreneurs

  • Daily accountability and progress tracking

2 Monthly Payments


Flexible Option
  • 6-month access to all course materials

  • Weekly live Q&A sessions with Stephanie

  • Guest expert presentations

  • Live co-working sessions

  • Access to a private community of like-minded entrepreneurs

  • Daily accountability and progress tracking


Pssst... my VIP Day clients get access for free!

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